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Engagement Global – Service for Development Initiatives

Engagement Global  – Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen is the central contact agency in Germany for development policy initiatives, both at a national and international level. Since 1 January 2012 Engagement Global unites under its roof institutions, initiatives and support programmes of developmental work with the aim to actively promote a fair global coexistence.

Engagement Global is the first German central contact agency that offers a multitude of options for development policy commitment, information service and educational work, – and all this through just one telephone number, one address and one website.

Engagement Global informs about current projects and initiatives in Germany and worldwide, advises individuals and groups on development projects and also offers financial support. We provide the necessary qualification at a needs-based level, unite individuals and institutions and support the commitment of civil society, of municipalities, private operators and institutions.

Our wide range of developmental information service, educational work and financial support options strengthens the active commitment of the civil society – both at home and abroad in the partner countries of German development cooperation.

Why does Engagement Global organize a sustainability camp?

What’s the saying? All good things come in threes. For the third time, Engagement Global, with the support of, invites you to the SustainabilityCamp Bonn.

From year to year not only the number of participants grew, but also the variety of topics offered at the SustainabilityCamp Bonn. In 2018, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations are more relevant than ever.

In addition to global sustainability, however, we will also discuss local issues. Urban gardening, digitization or e-mobility – sustainability is brought to life with many practical ideas. This time, Engagement Global’s SDG-vehicle will also be on-site.

The SustainabilityCamp Bonn offers space for new ideas and projects – the most important thing is networking and knowledge transfer among the participants.